Hämeentie 62 a, 00500 Helsinki Ma - To 15 – 22; Pe 15- 24; La 12 – 24; Su- suljettu; Lounasta tarjoillaan kello 11–14 välisenä aikana. +358(0)40 515 881 5

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    Our Story

    Our father always dreamed of opening a Georgian restaurant in Europe.
    This idea was frequently discussed topic in the family. Unfortunately, realizing his big dream could not happen in his lifetime. Mother of two daughters in tough times, because of the faith in the family's dream managed to put children on their feet and finally made a dream to come true. "Georgian House” is the first Georgian restaurant in Helsinki. With stylish design, cozy environment and delicious Georgian food prepared by native cooks, we offer you to experience the famed Georgian hospitality.

    Nino & Nana
    Voit tehdä pöytävarauksen internet varauspalveluksessamme enintään kuuden henkilön seurueille. Jos haluat varata pöydän suuremmalle seurueelle, ota yhteyttä joko sähköpostitse tai puhelimitse +358 405158815. Kysy myös tarjoustamme yli 10 henkilön seurueille! Jos sinulla on ongelmia internet- pöytävarauksen kanssa, otathan meihin yhteyttä joko sähköpostitse tai puhelimitse +358 405158815. Jos tarvitset pöydän esteettömästä paikasta, ilmoitathan siitä varausta tehdessäsi. To make a reservation for maximum of 6 persons, please use our online reservation system (on the left). If you want to make a reservation for more than 6 people, please write an e-mail to or call +358 405158815. If you want to make a reservation for 10 persons or more, please request an offer by emailing us at or calling this number +358 405158815. If you are experiencing any problems with online reservation, please email us at or call +358 405158815.

    Georgian House

    The first Georgian restaurant in Helsinki
    Tastefully decorated, cozy, and a good quality of home cooked food with a nice background music selection allows you to experience the beauty of Georgia. In our restaurant we try to keep comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and make every person who enters "Georgian House” feel welcome.It is an excellent place to be treated on a superb lunch or dinner surrounded by truly Caucasian hospitality and comfort. The tastiest Georgian recipes create a unique experience of flavors from our exotic, rich and ancient culture.



    Georgian House Hämeentie 62 00500 Helsinki VARAA PÖYTÄ p. 040 515 8815 AVOINNA ma-to 15-22 pe 15-00 la 12-00 su SULJETTU Keittiö on avoinna Ma – To: 21:30 saakka Pe-La: 23:00 saakka

    Parkkipaikkoja löytyy Ravintolan takana (Kinaporinkatulla tai Aleksis Kiven kadulla, mutta se on maksullinen, 2. vyöhyke). Lähin maksuton parkkipaikka löytyy Junatien ja Lautatarhankadun välistä.





    If you have minimum 2 years of experience working as a waiter and you speak both, Finnish and English, please send us your CV and become a member of Georgian House family! Send your CV to the following e-mail address: